How to fix “Locked out of the WordPress Admin area error” issue in WordPress

In WordPress, if you have forgotten your account login password, you will be greeted with the error message displayed below:

Please enter you username or email address. You will receive a link to create a new password via email.

ERROR: There is no user registered with that email address.

The problem with forgetting account passwords have always been annoying for all of us. Getting locked out from online accounts is an unpleasing experience.

Passwords are critical information that we store in our device’s applications. The passwords that we store allow us to easily and automatically login into our desired online accounts and applications in the future.

Similarly, we can store our password in WordPress account in order to access admin functions. Our passwords are case-sensitive, which means that we use combinations of letters, numbers and special characters or symbols in order to make our passwords strong and difficult to crack.

When you receive the “Locked out of the WordPress Admin area error” error in WordPress, you do not have to panic. This is a common issue and it can be fixed quickly with the help of our WordPress support experts.

However, there are solutions available for this WordPress error. If you are a beginner, we would strongly suggest that you seek help from the WordPress support experts. The experts can be reached on the toll free phone number +1-855-945-3219.

Thus, it is always advised to contact the WordPress support experts for any type of issues that occur with your WordPress website because the experts are well aware about the error and are the ones who can give you the best solution than anybody else.

Dial the WordPress support phone number +1-855-945-3219.

What causes the “Locked out of the WordPress Admin area error” issue in WordPress?

The “Locked out of the WordPress Admin area error” error in WordPress may occur due to the following reasons:

  • Forgot password
  • Password is deleted from the WordPress user list
  • Changes in the plugin or code
  • WordPress website is hacked

How to fix “Locked out of the WordPress Admin area error” issue in WordPress

The “Locked out of the WordPress Admin area error” error can be fixed easily. Following the simple steps will help you to easily diagnose and troubleshoot the error. However, you can always seek assistance from the WordPress support experts. Contact the WordPress support experts on +1-855-945-3219 and get instant resolution to the error.

When troubleshooting the error, you must consider the following:

Make it a good practice of saving your critical online passwords on paper and keep it in a safe place. In case, you forget your password, you will be able to obtain your password which you had written on the paper.

Also, never share your account details with others.

If you have tried all the above steps and you are still not able to access your website, we advise you to contact our WordPress support experts immediately. Call +1-855-945-3219 and speak with our experts today.

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