How to fix “White Screen of Death” Error in WordPress

Usually, when using WordPress, you might have encountered or will encounter issues which ends up throwing errors and warning messages on your device’s screen. At this point, you could become clueless as to how to fix such problems.

Our WordPress blog provides solutions and answers to various errors and issues that may occur when using your WordPress website. Since, WordPress is a vast platform for website development, therefore, it may encounter problems, which is an obvious thing. And, this is totally understandable.

The White Screen of Death error can occur with your WordPress website on your Internet browser application. This error is discussed below.

Error Description: The White Screen of Death error in WordPress occurs due to the following reasons:

  • Your Theme may be causing the problem.
  • Your Theme directory might be missing, corrupt or is renamed.
  • A plug-in is causing compatibility issues.

How to fix “White Screen of Death” Error

The White Screen of Death (WSOD) means a blank screen on your web browser with no information. Since, the screen becomes completely white and blank, there are no error messages or warnings displayed. It makes you totally clueless as to where you should look for the issue and where you should fix the error.

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It is advised that you seek professional support from our WordPress support experts to fix such issues and errors. This will prevent you from causing any further damage to your Website.

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WordPress is a major web development platform, which offers a whole bunch of new and trending features and powerful tools in order to meet the business market and industry standards. WordPress has made creating websites very easy and simple for individuals and business owners as well.

There is no greater platform for website development in the market than WordPress. This is because of many reasons.

  • WordPress is for all individuals and business owners.
  • New updates are released regularly with new features and powerful tools.
  • You can have custom themes and content for your website.
  • You can run your WordPress website on a PC, Mac, Unix/Linux, smartphones and even tablets.
  • You get 24-7 customer support and technical support for your WordPress website, anytime and anywhere.
  • New technology in WordPress lets you enjoy greater benefits from your website.

We cover all the common errors for our users on this blog. Visit our blog to find answers and solutions when you encounter any issues or errors with your WordPress website. Our WordPress customer support experts are always available to assist you.

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